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What is it?

  Primarly an electronic boost controller that makes use of inexpensive high quality Mac valve boost solenoids.   The secondary feature is that it communicates with your Engine Computer (ECU/PCM) and displays important information to the driver such as Knock, Timing, etc.  Currently it communicates to Mitsubishi OBD1 (Dodge Stealth / Mitsubishi 3000GT / Eagle Talon DSMs / etc),  MUT / OBD2 protocol, and AEM EMS via serial telemetry.  Nissan Consult protocol is soon to follow.  The third  goal was to reduce the clutter in the car by removing boost gauges, wideband O2 gauges and attempt to make it look stock appearing.  Armed with all this data into one device allows for more interesting options, such as reduce boost incase of engine knocking, or compensate boost drop off loss at higher rpms with additonal duty cycle, or use temperature compensation for major changes weather changes that influences on boost.  This device can produce an audible alert should your knock exceed a certain user defined threshold, or if your engine is overheating (due to front mount intercooler).  Tunes can drift between seasons, so I have this device warn the driver when small amounts of knock is showing up and the tune is getting too lean for the given boost.  Also this device can datalog and add two new additional datalog parameter items such as Boost and WBO2 to Hand Held Halo, or EvoScan making datalogs much more useful.